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NOTICE – COVID-19 UPDATE – 23 March 2020


Academy IT is responding to the rapidly changing environment due to the coronavirus COVID-19.

Our priority is the safety and wellbeing of our clients, staff and the general public.

We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and will respond to any updates from government authorities.

Following Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s directives provided in his address on Sunday 22 March 2019, Academy IT will no longer be offering in person class-based training until further notice. It is with careful consideration that we have also decided staff will work remotely in delivering services to our customers. Our physical office will be closed until further notice, but all administrative activities required in delivering training will be provided as usual.


We have always espoused the benefits of in person training…

  • The learner’s ability to connect with their mentor
  • Having the option to ask questions as the learning is taking place
  • The trainer providing examples based on the learner’s experience
  • Having an environment to practice and receive immediate support


It is to that end that Academy IT is now building the infrastructure and processes to deliver the same quality of in person training in an online environment.


All training we have provided in the past in class, is now available in two options.


1) We have live trainers hosting class environments online where video, audio and screen sharing facilities are available to provide all the benefits of in person training mentioned above.
Attendees have access to a live trainer via video conferencing, all course materials, relevant virtual environments and the ability to chat with the trainer and other students in real time.


2) Academy IT can also now provide packaged online training. This option is for those looking for training but are unable to commit the time when the live course is being conducted. A high quality recording of certified trainers delivering the content with access to courseware and practice tasks provides a strong learning environment albeit without the ability to ask questions of the trainer.


In these uncertain times, Academy IT more than ever, aims to support businesses and individuals in developing their technical knowledge and competencies in the workplace. With many staff now unable to attend work, we see this as an opportunity for businesses to support the personal development of their staff by providing training in readiness for future growth and technical needs following the global pandemic.


For more information about our online training, please contact us.

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Brian Peel
Managing Director

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