Digital upskilling for half the price

In the ever-changing digital world we live in, tech skills are becoming an increasingly important factor in securing or maintaining employment, or when earning a promotion. Thankfully, Academy IT are making it easier than ever to access financial initiatives to upskill you in digital technology.

If you are aged 45-70 and employed or have been unemployed for less than 9 months, you may qualify for the Skills Checkpoint program, which could grant you or your employer a 50% subsidy on training at Academy IT.

Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers is an Australian Government-funded initiative to enable mature-aged Australian workers and recently unemployed mature-aged Australians to remain in, or re-enter the workforce.

Skills Checkpoint provides personalised advice and guidance on up-skilling for a current job, transitioning into new roles within a current industry or pathways to new careers, including a 50% co-contribution amount for relevant education and training (up to a maximum of $2,200). Apply online now.

Academy IT offers a comprehensive range of accredited and non-accredited training, short courses, vendor courses, skillsets and micro-credentials. Speak to our friendly staff about your training options through the program today.

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