In-house Project Support

For companies undertaking projects we can support the project with a customised training and change management solution.  This may include training delivery, logistics, stakeholder meetings, requirement gathering workshops, portal creation, as well as materials creation.  Let us help you with the right training and change management solution.


Course Resource Creation

In conjunction with our clients we have developed many customised materials.  Some examples are: reference cards for assisting change, manuals highly customised to the system (ie SharePoint System), e-learning solutions from scratch on in house systems, and learning plans just to name a few.  If you or your company require some assistance contact us to arrange a meeting.


Training Administration Outsourcing

With many years experience and solid processes we are able to offer our clients outsourcing of their Training Administration for IT and other training.  We work closely with the business and it’s champions to ensure that the right courses and solutions are chosen.  If you or your company would like to know more contact us to arrange a meeting.


Academy IT strive to provide you with the training you need when you need it most. If you require a course and can’t attend on the dates provided or if they are not suitable to your staffing or project timelines – please call PH: (08) 7324 9800 to negotiate an alternative booking time.
Can’t find a course?

Academy IT offers specialised courses and custom training programs. Click below for more information:

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