Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


  • When you register for a course you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions
  • Registrations for courses can be taken via email, online, or phone
  • Registrations for customised or non-public courses will occur on your written acceptance of the quoted price.
  • Prerequisites are detailed on course outlines and can be obtained online or at your request. It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure that they are aware of the prerequisites
  • Academy IT reserve the right to refuse admission to latecomers or persons whose behaviour is inappropriate for the class
  • The classes are required to meet a minimum capacity in order to run. For details of minimum capacity consult Academy IT


  • Academy IT’s payment terms are that course registrations are only confirmed upon receipt of payment prior to the course Commencement date or no more than 7 days from the invoiced date (unless otherwise agreed). Generally, invoices will be sent on receipt of your registration


  • Academy IT reserves the right to cancel or reschedule courses at any time
  • Academy IT will contact you in the event that the course has been cancelled or rescheduled and will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible
  • Academy IT takes no responsibility for costs incurred due to course cancellation or rescheduling


  • Cancellations and/or transfers must be in writing (by email or letter) and must be received by Academy IT more than 5 working days prior to the course commencement date to prevent any cancellation fees as noted below
  • If a participant cancels their registration and is able to find an alternative person to undertake the course in their place any applicable cancellation fees will be waived. In this event you must notify Academy IT the name of the person that is replacing the original registration as soon as possible
  • If a registration is cancelled within 5 working days of the course start date then the full course fees will be incurred
  • If a participant does not attend the course on the day of training a full course fee will apply


  • When training is conducted outside of Academy IT premises, clients are responsible for ensuring setup of all necessary equipment and software is arranged.  Unless negotiated with Academy IT, this includes supply of equipment, correct configuration and setup of hardware, and supply and configuration of software.
  • Academy IT accepts no responsibility for delays to training caused by problems with equipment or software
  • Travel, accommodation, and other training expenses will be in addition to training costs
  • Clients are responsible for the provision of a safe training environment for courses held on the client’s site.
  • Clients must have appropriate Indemnity and Public Liability insurance to cover Academy IT staff and contract trainers while training on the clients site


  • Additional terms and conditions may apply to special offers. Please refer to fact sheets for any additional terms and conditions


  • All legal proceedings arising from disputes relating to the delivery of services by Academy IT are to be acted upon in the jurisdiction of the courts of Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
  • Academy IT’s terms and conditions can only be varied in writing