55356A – Introduction to SQL Databases


About this course

This course examines the services and features of Microsoft SQL from 2012 to 2022, including lessons and lab exercises on key attributes you’ll need on the job. It’s designed for novices and professionals who are interested in interacting with databases using Structured Query Language (SQL) and seek foundational knowledge and skills. This audience typically includes people who are moving into a database role or expect their role to require interacting with a database server that uses SQL.

Course Outline




Audience Profile

This course is intended for people with varied computer knowledge. As an introductory course, it does not require any previous knowledge of SQL, databases, or information technologies. As an introductory path, this course is ideal for those who haven’t previously interacted with databases or those who have previous experience with databases and languages distinct from SQL.

At Course Completion

  • Conceptualize data organization in a database.
  • Identify various types of databases.
  • Retrieve information from a database using SQL, Transact-SQL (T-SQL), and other languages.
  • Normalize and denormalize data stored in a database.



Course Outline