22334VIC Certificate IV in Cyber Security

Secure Your Future with Cyber Security

You’ve no doubt heard about the increase in cyber attacks on private and government organisations recently. In fact, there were 1051 breaches reported in Australia during 2020 across various industries.*

No matter how you look at the numbers, there is an urgent and intense need for more cyber security experts to not only resolve breaches, but to prevent them from occuring.

Certificate IV in Cyber Security


The Certificate IV in Cyber Security is a technician level qualification that will provide graduates with the knowledge and a comprehensive set of technical skills that enables them to:

  • monitor the risk of cyber security attacks
  • implement appropriate software
  • use a range of tools and procedures to mitigate cyber security threats
  • protect an organisation from insider security breaches
  • develop systems to minimise network vulnerabilities and risks
  • use ethical hacking techniques to test configurations
  • conduct strong penetration testing

Graduates of the course will be able to seek employment as cyber security practitioners in a range of commercial enterprises/organisations and government bodies.

Why choose Academy IT as your training partner?

You can choose to do an pre-recorded online course – but you have to wonder if the recordings are so old the information is out of date, and how questions you have on the topic will be answered?

For such an important topic as cyber security, Academy IT provides in-class and live-online training. There must be a level of hands-on, in-person live training so you can ask questions, discuss concepts (and tactics) with your team, and keep up to date with the latest information straight from industry.

How many self-study online courses have you subscribed to, and even purchased, and simply not finished?

The South Australian and Federal governments are providing financial support in response to the COVID pandemic. More people qualify now for undertaking training to get them back to work. 

Academy IT also provides payment support via “ZeeFi” so you can fast track your career without bearing a large up-front burden. Make payments over the term of your studies – visit ZeeFi for more information.

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The need for technical expertise in the many facets of cyber security is growing exponentially. Both the government and private sectors are struggling to find the required specialists for current demand.

The Australian government has provided the “Information Security Manual” that provides business and organisations the information to protect themselves. It is 196 pages of requirements on topics such as…

  • communication systems
  • software development
  • cryptography
  • firewalls and web proxies
  • virtualisation hardening

The specialists that understand this terminology are what all industries currently need – are you ready to learn the language of security?



Upon completing this one year qualification, you will have in place…

Cyber Security Management

Research and present technical information and implement and monitor workplace safety based on legislative requirements.

Cyber Security Core Concepts

Perform cyber-security data analysis and use network security concepts including scripting.

Cyber Security Execution

Recognise and implement network security infrastructure including testing security concepts and contingency planning.

Cyber Security Design

Design and implement a security perimeter and test incident response plans.

Course Fees

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Course fees are paid in instalments over the duration of the course. Payment plans are available through our lending partner Study Loans. Visit their website to complete the pre-qualification check-list. 

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