55377A – Introduction to SQL Databases


About this course

Skillable has reimagined this popular SQL Databases course using our modern challenge-centric instructional design model. Live hands-on labs are at the forefront of this course allowing learners to learn while doing and include additional reference materials and post class access to Skillable’ s Challenge Labs to further promote and enable continuous learning. In this course, learners will validate their introductory skills related to SQL Databases including data modelling, relationships, aggregation, and database objects.

Course Outline

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Audience Profile

This course is intended learners that are seeking introduction to data bases and data base technologies.

At Course Completion

  • Explain Databases and Storage
  • Demonstrate Data and Relationship Modelling
  • Examine the differences of Normalization and Denormalization
  • Plan for Relationships
  • Understand Performance using Index
  • Implement Data Aggregation Best Practices
  • Execute Data Modification Best Practices


As this is an introductory level course, and although not required, it is recommended that learners have basic computer literacy and skills.

Course Outline