DBO-105 – Introduction to Oracle10g PL/SQL Programming


About this course

The Oracle® 10g release has greatly enhanced the features and functionality of PL/SQL. Students will learn the fundamentals of the PL/SQL programming language. Students will write stored procedures, functions, packages, and triggers, and implement complex business rules in Oracle. Students will learn programming, management, and security issues of working with PL/SQL program units. Programming topics will include the built-in packages that come with Oracle, the creation of triggers, and stored procedure features.

Course Outline

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At Course Completion

On completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Gain a working knowledge of programming Oracle 10g databases using the PL/SQL language
  • Learn the use of stored procedures, functions, packages and triggers
  • Understand management and security issues in working with PL/SQL.


A solid understanding of SQL and 3GL programming is required. It is recommended the student understand Oracle 10g SQL features.

Course Outline